Our values set us apart.  We truly value our customers.  We place you first in every situation.  We will provide you with whatever it takes (advice, guidance, support and whatever else) to insure that you purchase and we deliver the best product for your specific application and requirements.  And we treat you, our customers, the way we want to be treated – with caring, professionalism and a true interest in your success.  We believe that if you are successful, and if you are satisfied in your dealings with us, then we will in turn be successful.


Wesley International began operations just outside Atlanta, Georgia more than 50 years ago as a producer of standard pallet trucks under the trade name “Pallet Mule.” With a vision, perseverance, and strong American ethic, it wasn’t long before Wesley became recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality pallet trucks paving its way to a successful network of material handling dealers across the United States.

Adding that personal touch was what further strengthened Wesley’s dealer relationships. In the early years, Wesley dealers’ primary contact was Bill Kirn, the beloved sales manager who for over 30 years worked tirelessly until his death responding to dealer calls in a friendly voice saying, “Hi, this is Bill Kirn. How may I help you?”

In 1970s, Wesley expanded its product line to include industrial electric vehicles which were marketed under the name “Pack Mule”. Subsequently, Wesley developed several additional models including stock chasers, burden carriers, personnel carriers and tow tractors. More recently, Wesley included a line of trailers and carts designed to enhance the usage of electric vehicles in lean manufacturing and distribution channels.

Despite strong international competition, Wesley has remained successful in the pallet truck market primarily due to its ability to produce a wide range of quality pallet trucks in custom widths and in lengths and continues to gain market share presence in the electric utility market.

Wesley is unique in both the pallet truck and electric industrial industries in its ability to provide engineered-to-ordered solutions on a cost effective and timely basis. This has made Wesley the custom equipment provider of choice for many users both inside and outside the United States.

Bob Fisher Pack Mule Electric Tow Vehicle Manufacturing OwnerBob Fisher – Wesley International’s President & CEO

“Our reputation in the pallet truck business has served us well over the years, and as we expected it has filtered into the electric vehicle market. Our customers don’t have to worry when they buy a Pallet Mule or Pack Mule because they know they’re getting a quality product that will last. Having a long-term reputation in the material handling business coupled with the fact we are willing to provide engineered-to-order solutions has allowed opportunities with a wide a range customers from small privately owned operations to Fortune 500 companies, for the simple fact we worked with them to solve their hard-to-fit applications.”

Through its long history, Wesley has never tried to be the biggest, but merely the best in responding to a customer’s needs. For this reason, Wesley has many raving fans who know that when they call Wesley, they will be in the hands of professionals who care about their material handling needs. Wesley International’s products have undergone engineering enhancements and upgrades, but rest assured if you call Wesley today, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice eager to assist you. Some things never change.

Take a moment to browse our website. Then call us at 1 (800) 241-2869 to discuss how we can help you meet your materials handling challenges. We look forward to earning your business.

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