In a corrosive environment, Pallet Mule’s corrosion-resistant pallet trucks hold up best.

In environments where equipment is subject to wash down or cold temperatures (e.g., cold storage, freezers, and processing of poultry, seafood, meats, and frozen foods) the Pallet Mule corrosion-resistant pallet truck holds up best, even against galvanized or stainless steel equipment. It’s made to work well in the toughest conditions, and it comes with these unique features:

  • Zinc plating on entire frame
  • Low temperature pump fluid
  • Grease fittings at all pivot points
  • Availability on all models and sizes as well as custom products.

What makes Pallet Mule different?

Pallet Mule pallet trucks are constructed of heavier and more durable components.  They are designed and built to perform safely and consistently all day every day. Every Pallet Mule has:

  • Extensive use of ductile cast iron parts,
  • Heavier gauge steel in major structural components
  • Solid steel push rods instead of the standard tubular steel design
  • Premium polyurethane wheels on an aluminum core
  • Sealed bearings providing reduced rolling resistance and longer life
  • Replacement Parts are available for same day shipment when needed

Wesley International has been meeting our customers specific needs with specialty pallet trucks for more than half a century, and our customers know that we build them to last.