A solid solution for applications that require moving large reels and spools.

Pallet Mule’s Roll and Reel pallet jack provides a more dependable and cost effective tool than alternative equipment such as roll, reel and coil movers or handlers. It’s built specifically for rolls and reels, and because it’s a Pallet Mule, it’s built to do it day after day.

On the Roll and Reel pallet truck, the angled forks, designed to the diameter, length, and weight of your rolls cradle the load. A single operator can lift the load from the floor, transport it, and set it down where it needs to be. 

The Roll and Reel pallet truck is ideal for moving and handling rolls, reels and coils of materials such as paper, sheet metal, plastic, fiber optics, wire, carpets, rope and cord, and fabric.

What makes the Pallet Mule different?

The Roll and Reel pallet jack is the product more than a half-century of building specialty pallet jacks. In addition to the rugged construction built into every Pallet Mule, this one has specific features to make it handle rolls, spools, and coils better. These include:

  • Custom construction to fit the specific size of the roll, reel or coil, providing better, safer handling. Other sizes within the range can be safely accommodated.
  • Forks that cradles the entire length of heavy rolls, reels and coils with reinforced steel prevent frame flex
  • The turnbuckle that prevents forks from spreading on rolls, reels or coils greater than 4,000 lbs. or 50″ in length

Pallet Mule, manufactured by Wesley International,  provides the only specialty pallet jack made in the USA and the only one with the industry-leading 3-year warranty.