When the challenge is lower pallets, the solution is Pallet Mule’s Low Profile pallet trucks.

Pallet Mule’s Low Profile pallet trucks are built specifically to deal with pallets lower than the industry-standard 2.9″. According to your specific needs, you can get a Low Profile pallet truck with either 2″ or 1.75 low heights. Every Pallet Mule Low Profile pallet truck brings these advantages:

  • Cast Steel Tow at fork end to provide strength at this primary point of wear
  • Solid 1” by 3” push rods to provide extra strength and prevent flex
  • Entry/Exit Rollers for ease of entry and exit
  • Built to fit GMA pallet standards, the standard pallet in the grocery industry
  • Customization to fit specific applications

Specific applications for the Low Profile pallet jack include moving grocery pallets, vending machines, tool boxes, and Stanley-Vidmar Cabinets. The lower profile design of the Pallet Mule pallet jack significantly eases entry and exit and improves performance.

Why is Pallet Mule Different?

All Pallet Mule pallet trucks are built heavier and more durable to meet the demands of continuous daily use, with rugged construction and solid support, including:

  • Extensive use of ductile cast iron parts
  • Heavier gauge steel in major structural components
  • Solid steel push rods instead of the standard tubular steel design
  • Premium polyurethane wheels on an aluminum core
  • Sealed bearings providing reduced rolling resistance and longer life
  • Replacement Parts are available for same day shipment when needed

Wesley Manufacturing has been manufacturing Pallet Mules in the USA to meet customers’ specific requirements for more than a half century. And our customers know that we build them to last.